The journey to starting Bezalel & Babel seems scattered, yet slightly direct...

Everything began in the 3rd grade when Jess first learned the cursive alphabet. After that, she was hooked with wanting to perfect her handwriting, being the chosen "poster-maker" for any school project, and obsessed with writing her one day married name, "Jessyca Timberlake" over and over.
Over the years, Jess perfected her lettering more through sorority recruitment name tag making, banner painting for recruitment, and making many graphics for her event planning job after college. If lettering was involved, Jess was there.
As more people asked Jess to do side projects for them in the world of design and lettering - her plate was full! In that season, she began wondering how God might choose to use her creativity for His glory, and landed desiring to live in the space where pursuing Him and creating art intersect. Jess loves lettering and designing beautiful pieces that point others and herself to God's character: His laughter, joy, love, grace and desire for us to know Him. 

Through this journey Bezalel & Babel came to exist.